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Protein Chips / Prótein snakk


Smart Chips – Body & Fit

Smart Chips contains 30% protein and only 94 calories per bag. Pure nature flavored with fine herbs and prepared with hot air. 

Smart in every way! 
Our Smart Chips are not baked or fried. Smart Chips is prepared by hot air and flavored with the finest spices, so we obtain unbelievably tasty „better for you“ chips. Our Smart Chips is smart in every way! In addition to a reduced calorie, fat and carbohydrate content, the chips are also high protein. The Smart Chips contains no preservatives, fragrances or flavors, even 0 artificial additives.

Smart Chips contains only natural ingredients and the finest herbs. Smart Chips is your favorite snack, perfectly suited to a conscious lifestyle, for fanatic athletes and in every diet.

Smart Chips features:

  • Lower in calories, only 94 calories per bag
  • Lower in fat, 50% to 70% less fat compared to standard chips
  • Lower in carbohydrates
  • Naturally flavored with fine herbs
  • High protein, 30% protein
  • Not fried or fried: hot air preparation
  • Free from preservatives, fragrances or flavorings!
  • Only natural ingredients
  • In 5 unbelievably tasty flavors!
299 kr.
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