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Vegan Multi

Vegan Multi is a multivitamin with only the best ingredients, from A to Z complete and vegetable. Vegan Multi also contains special enzymes, antioxidants, vegetable, fruit, herbal and superfood ingredients. This makes the Vegan Multi your super multi! 

Do you exercise a lot and do you want the best for your body? Do you follow a diet? Or do you just have a very busy job and can you use something extra? Vegan Multi is a unique multivitamin from A to Z complete with natural and vegetable vitamins, supplemented with special enzymes, antioxidants, vegetable, fruit, herbal and superfood ingredients. The Vegan Multi is the perfect complement to your conscious lifestyle, for 365 days a year. 1 tablet per day is sufficient.

Vegan Multi features:

  • Vegan Multi is the multivitamin for a conscious lifestyle
  • From A to Z complete
  • 100% natural and vegetable
  • 1 tablet per day is sufficient
  • Special enzymes, vegetable, herbal, superfood and fruit extracts
  • With green tea, ginger, chlorella, spirulina, aloe vera and brocolli
  • For ladies and gentlemen
  • 365 days a year your super multi!
1.490 kr. 745 kr. 50% afsláttur
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