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Achieve your goal in a short time with the 7 Day Diet!

Sometimes you want to see as many results as possible in a very short time! For example, you have a wedding, big party, holiday, another special occasion in the short term or you literally want to make a flying start with your new ‘me’! Then you can use our totally arranged 7 DAY DIET.

Features 7 Day Diet:

  • 7 day diet
  • Source of proteins
  • Contains shakes, bars and pancakes
  • Including Total Health, a multivitamin with Omega-3
  • All-in-one package

Achieve your goal
With our 7 Day Diet you go strict for a whole week. You get 950 kcal per day.

With our 7 Day Diet package you get exactly what you need for 7 days. You only have to get your fresh vegetables yourself. The package contains bars, shakes, pancakes and a multivitamin enriched with Omega-3. The flavors of the products are randomly added to the package and can therefore vary.

How it works
Your breakfast daily with a Low Calorie Meal and one total health capsule and at 10.00 you take an apple. Your lunch consists of 1 pack of Smart Protein Drink and vegetables, as a snack in the afternoon you eat the smart bar and your evening meal consists of two pancakes with 200 grams of vegetables. Are you still hungry later in the evening? Then you can always take a bowl of cottage cheese!

In the box is everything you need. The box contains for each day:

  • 1x Low Calorie Meal
  • 1x Smart Protein Drink
  • 1x Smart Bar
  • 1x Total Health capsule, the multivitamin with Omega-3
6.990 kr.
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