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Vitargo S2 Minni

5490 kr.

Bragð : Unflavored
  • PRE-WORKOUT: Get your body ready for your next session or game with Vitargo S2 ahead of time, raising the blood sugar, fueling your brain for mental clarity and muscles to amplify the muscle pump. Prepare yourself to go harder, longer.
  • INTRA-WORKOUT: Keep the flow going, let Vitargo S2 help you retain mental focus and deliver the training intensity you want. Vitargo S2 is designed to maintain a steady carb burn rate throughout your workout.
  • POST-WORKOUT: Finish strong and experience the benefit of same day recovery. Vitargo is university proven to improve recovery performance just two hours after exhaustive exercise. Reward yourself for a job well done and give your body the head start it needs for the next time.
  • BLOAT FREE FUELING: Due to its low osmolality, meaning the low level of water it draws in, easier energy transportation is facilitated without the cramping and bloating associated with normal sports drinks.
  • TRAIN HARDER + LONGER: Vitargo S2 is designed to be there for you before, during, and for recovery after your training session so that you will be fueled and ready to go for the next round. A super soluble, sugar-free carbohydrate, Vitargo is the best muscle fuel aimed at helping you meet and exceed your training goals.
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