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Improve your performance with Redcon1’s highly powered creatine formula. Force the muscle to explode with new muscle growth due to a surge in ATP production and cell swelling with ultra-accelerated protein synthesis activation.

Included inside each serving is Betaine which will not only help protect against dehydration, a common side-effect of creatine, but even more importantly will help the body absorb more ingested creatine and maintain even more water in the muscle cell, ultimately greatly impacting protein synthesis.

Tango is every serious athlete’s go-to creatine. Improve your performance, increase strength and size, and recover fast!


Why do I need a creatine product?

When working out, your body needs energy at a cellular level that comes from ATP, adenosine triphosphate.  This cellular currency provides the energy to release a muscular contraction so the next one can begin.  Your body breaks down ATP into ADP and releases energy, this energy releases a contraction so the next one can begin.  Everything you eat eventually goes to making ATP.  Most people have a surplus of ADP, adenosine diphosphate.  So creatine is a carrier of phosphates so your body can combine ADP with phosphate to make ATP (ADP + P = ATP).  With creatine supplementation you can make more ATP because you can supply more phosphates.

I’ve always heard creatine monohydrate is a ‘cheap’ form of creatine, why are you using it in TANGO?

Creatine monohydrate is actually one of the most clinically tested ingredients and has been shown in over 1500 clinical studies to improve muscular strength and endurance.  There are other forms of creatine that may have slightly better solubility or absorption but creatine monohydrate still remains the most effective and proven form of creatine on the market.

Doesn’t creatine make you retain water?

Yes.  You do retain some water with creatine supplementation but it does have a benefit.  Creatine is hydrophilic, meaning it loves water.  Once inside the cell it, creatine will pull extracellular fluid inside the cell and increase the intracellular fluid.  Not only does this action help to volumize the cell but it can also increase leverage for the muscle, helping improve size and strength.

A lot of creatine formulas have sugar in them, I thought you needed sugar to cause an insulin spike to make creatine effective?

Insulin is the body’s most anabolic hormone, helping shuttle glucose and other nutrients into the muscle; think of it as a cellular delivery vehicle.  Creating an insulin spike with creatine supplementation is an effective way to deliver it to the muscle but it is not necessary.  To assist with the uptake of creatine into the muscle we have added the amino acid Taurine which assists in the uptake of nutrients into the muscles.

I’m currently on a cutting cycle, can I still take a creatine product like TANGO?

Yes!  Creatine helps you make more ATP, which is needed for both muscular strength and endurance.  Whether you are cutting or bulking, you still need ATP to fuel your working muscles.  Also, when cutting, you may be calorie restricted so you will make less ATP on your own so creatine supplementation is actually crucial to making as much ATP as possible.

How much water should I consume when taking a creatine product?

As a good rule of thumb, when taking a creatine supplement, you should try to drink 8-10 ounces of water for every hour that you are awake.

How should I take TANGO for best results?

For best results, take (1) scoop of TANGO immediately after your workout.

Should I take TANGO on non-training days?

It is not necessary to take TANGO on non-training days but it won’t hurt because it will help to keep ATP stores higher.  But if you choose to take it only on training days, that is sufficient.

Do I need to load TANGO since it is a creatine product?

Creatine loading is a thing of the past.  When creation first came out it was very expensive and the supplement companies were trying to capitalize on that and the effectiveness of creatine by asking consumers to ‘load’ it by taking 5x the recommended daily dose.  There is no need to load creatine and with faster absorbing creatines such as MagnaPower and Creatine HCL plus ingredients such as Betaine that help your body make more creatine, loading is definitely unnecessary.

As a female, can I take TANGO? I don’t want to get bulky

Creatine is not hormonal, is simply helps your body make more ATP which means you can contract more muscles at once or contract the muscles over a longer period of time.  You will retain some extra water but that is only temporary while taking creatine.

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