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RPG is the most critical supplement you probably aren’t taking that will maximize your bodybuilding and athletic goals. Glucose partitioning can be quite confusing if you don’t fully understand what creates new muscle gains and what does not. The large majority of people in the world need carbs to effectively gain muscle or lose fat. However, it’s widely believed that too many carbs can result in excess body fat. This is true, but it’s not the whole story.

When you eat carbohydrates your body releases insulin from the pancreas. Insulin is your storage hormone that can either work in your favor or to your detriment if you aren’t very careful. RPG will ensure that every carb you eat will either be used to build new muscle or to aid in the fat burning process. The excess carbs will no longer be available to store as body fat.

RPG as a glucose portioning agent will make sure that the insulin released by the pancreas while eating a meal in high carbs does not get there too quick and oversaturate the muscle (or fat) cells. This lengthy process will put your body in a much greater anabolic environment, more suitable to athletic goals.

When is the best time to take RPG? 

To get the maximum effect from RPG, it is best to take it 20-30 minutes prior to a high carbohydrate meal.

How many times per day can I take RPG? 

With RPG, you can take it prior to each carbohydrate meal you eat throughout the day.  If you are trying to gain fat free mass, taking RPG prior to each meal will help transport the glucose into the muscle so it can be stored as glycogen for energy.

I see that RPG is called a glucose disposal agent, what does that exactly mean?

A glucose disposal agent such as RPG helps to lower blood glucose levels by transporting glucose from the blood stream into the muscle cell where it can be stored as glycogen.  Glycogen is your body’s fuel for anaerobic activities such as weight training.  If there is an abundance of glucose in the blood for too long, the body can convert that glucose to glycerol, which makes up the backbone of a triglyceride, which is how your body stores fat.  So when ingesting a high carbohydrate meal, a glucose disposal agent helps you to make the most of the glucose for fuel and not have it stored as fat.

How many RPG capsules should I take with each meal? 

Each serving of RPG is 4 capsules.  If you are eating around 50-75 grams of carbohydrates, a full serving should be beneficial.  If you are ingesting very large amounts of carbohydrates, we suggest increasing your dosage by 2 capsules for every 25 grams of carbohydrates you ingest.

I know insulin is the most anabolic hormone and very powerful stuff, and if you take it without eating it can be very dangerous, does RPG carry the same risk?

RPG is non-hormonal, it is not a proinsulin (helps create insulin) product, it is an insulin mimicker (acts like insulin).  To take advantage of the powerful ingredients contained within RPG, you would want to ingest it with carbohydrates.  If you were to take RPG without ingesting carbohydrates, you would experience a drop in blood sugar levels and the effects that come with it (nausea, light-headed, sweating), so it is important to ingest carbohydrates with RPG.  RPG is going to try to transport glucose out of the blood stream into the muscle; if there is little to no blood glucose, you could have a hypoglycemic experience.

With insulin being anabolic and gaining fat being an anabolic process, do I need to worry about gaining fat with a glucose disposal agent like RPG?

The ingredients contained within RPG aid in mimicking the effects of insulin, helping to reduce blood sugar levels by transporting glucose into the muscle cell to be stored as glycogen.  RPG does not create insulin so the risk of gaining fat is not like that of exogenous insulin use.  In fact, RPG could help reduce collateral damage to your physique when you ingest high carbohydrate meals such as a cheat meal.

I follow a ketogenic diet. When I carb back up and do a refeed, could RPG benefit me by helping me get back into ketosis quicker? 

Great question and the answer is yes. When you have a refeed, you will have high levels of glucose in the blood stream.  In order to get back into a ketogenic state, you need to get your blood glucose levels low, so a glucose disposal agent such as RPG could be a huge help.  Some people on a ketogenic diet use carbohydrates to fuel their workouts and use a glucose disposal agent to get them back into ketosis post workout.

Do I need to cycle a product like RPG? 

It is not really necessary to cycle off RPG.  Most individuals will take RPG with higher carbohydrate meals such as a cheat or during a bulking cycle when higher carbohydrates are ingested regularly.  Since it is an insulin mimicker, and is not an exogenous source of insulin nor a proinsulin product, there is no real need to cycle off.

Is the dosing the same for male or female use? 

Whether you are male or female, the amount of RPG that you use is dependent on the amount of carbohydrates that you ingest.  So a male or female taking in 50 grams of carbohydrates, both individuals should consume 4 capsules of RPG per 50 grams of carbohydrate.



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