Multi Men

1490 kr.


    • Take one a day
    • 30+ vitamins, minerals, enzymes, plant extracts and amino acids
    • Vitamin C and selenium help support the immune system
    • Zinc supports natural testosterone production and normal cognitive function
    • Vitamin B3 and B12 promote energy metabolism and reduce fatigue
    • Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of bone and muscle health
    • Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle function
  • Daily multi-vitamin to support an active lifestyle

    Our Number One multi-vitamin for men is packed with your essential A-Z of vitamins and minerals, along with enzymes, plant extracts and amino acids to keep you on top of your game. Multi-men is the perfect daily supplement during periods of hard training, when dealing with a busy lifestyle, or if there’s limited availability of your favourite health foods.

    More than 30 active ingredients

    Multi-men tablets have more than 30 active ingredients, including biotin to support psychological function, selenium and vitamin C to support the immune system, vitamin B6 to reduce tiredness and fatigue, and zinc to encourage normal mental and cognitive performance. There are also plenty of natural ingredients such as saw palmetto, co-enzyme Q10, gingko biloba and rhodiola rosea. This cocktail of goodness makes Multi-men the perfect supplement for both your physical and mental health!

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